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Rashawna Huntley


Minor in Sustainability

Johnson C. Smith University
Charlotte, N.C.

R Huntley.png

Rashawna Huntley is a junior at Johnson C. Smith University majoring in biology and minoring in both sustainability and chemistry. Rashawna was born and raised in North Carolina, and has interest in comparative water quality among physiographic provinces in the Carolina’s. She was a student participant in our Summer 2022 Sustainability Experiential Immersion program here at JCSU during which time she blossomed as a student leader. Prior to her participation in our summer program, Rashawna had an interest in surface water quality, but this experience gave her an opportunity to acquire hands-on experience exploring biological and physio-chemical parameters of water quality. Her senior investigative paper (SIP), guided by mentorship from Dr. Mark Dugo, is exploring relationships between land use practices and water quality, and is drawing a spotlight on the importance of riparian zones. Rashawna’s SIP is an important instrument for citizen advocacy and education concerning the importance of good water quality for the sake of public health. Social and environmental justice are core to her project. 

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