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Plastic Bag in Ocean

SUS 230 - Principles of Sustainability
Spring 2023

Integrated Studies. Global Studies, Emergent Fields Pillar course option open to JCSU students from all academic majors

Special topic this upcoming semester (2023):
In partnership with Strategic Energy Solutions (SEI) and Trane Technologies' Operation Possible University we will embark on a semester long project focusing on developing sustainable solutions to address plastics in the environment.

This is our second year participating in this collaboration.  We are enthused that this year's program will include facilitation from our Climate Corp Fellow, Aleena Oakley (JCSU22'), who was a student participant during last year's project initiation.
Click here for more info (year 1 document)

Catalog Description
This course introduces students to the challenges of managing natural resources needed for today while conserving for the future. Students will learn to connect environmental protection to organizational management by exploring the scientific, technical, financial and political challenges of effectively managing a sustainable environment and economy.

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