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Theodore Castro

Sustainability Village
Operations Associate

Public Health, B.S. 
Minor in Sustainability

Johnson C. Smith University
Charlotte, N.C.

May 2022 Graduate



Theodore Castro is a Johnson C. Smith University alumnus with a Major in Public Health with a minor in Sustainability. He has served in various health related initiatives and programs. Theo served as the (2021-2022) President of the Health and Human Performance Student Organization. He is an avid health and fitness enthusiast, Theo joined “Grow with the Green” to promote good health through nutrition. Theo served as a volunteer with NC Cooperative Extension’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) in Union County, NC from 2011-2022.  

As a nutrition and fitness educator, Theo understands that while there is a need for equal access to healthy foods, there is also a need for nutrition education at the community level that explains the “why and how”, of making healthy choices.  In his volunteer work, which includes collecting 24-hour food recall logs among participants at program entry and exit for nutrition analysis at NC State University, he has seen first-hand the positive impact that nutrition education can have on health. 

The JCSU Alumnus now finds himself working at the University serving in different capacities. One of those capacities is working down at the Sustainability Village. Where he learns how to maintain and support the needs of a Hydroponic and Aquaponic farm. Theo has a great interest in healing areas that suffer from food insecurity. In addition to serving as a community liaison, Theo is also applying his time to assist with the implementation our campus Farm to Fork Plan to improve accessibility to nutrient dense options for our students and staff.  

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