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Current Experiential Opportunities

Current Paid Opportunities for JCSU Students
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1) Principles of Sustainability (SUS 230) - Special topic this upcoming semester (Starting in the Spring 2023 semester):
In partnership with Strategic Energy Solutions (SEI) and Trane Technologies' Operation Possible University we will embark on a semester long project focusing on developing sustainable solutions to address plastics in the environment. Students can earn a $500 stipend (10 maximum available.) SUS 230 is an Integrated Studies. Global Studies, Emergent Fields Pillar course option open to JCSU students from all academic majors. For more information, please see Currently enrolling. 

2) Social Media Specialist Internship with Charlotte's Uptown Farmer's Market (January 2023):

This opportunity is restricted to a JCSU student who has declared the Sustainability Minor. For more information about this opportunity, please click here.  Currently accepting inquires through December 15, 2022.

3) Become a Beekeeper! Mecklenburg County Beekeepers Association (January 2023):

CRES will support a JCSU student who has declared the Sustainability Minor to become a certified beekeeper. The selected candidate will work assist with the management of our on-site bee colonies at Sustainability Village and have two bee colonies on site and receive mentorship from local beekeepers. This candidate will also assist with our ongoing environmental DNA project utilizing honey from local bee colonies in Charlotte. For more information about the Mecklenburg County Beekeeping school, please see Bee School 2023 - Mecklenburg County Beekeepers Association ( Currently accepting inquires through December 15, 2022.



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