Kayla C. Jenkins

Minor in Sustainability

Johnson C. Smith University
Charlotte, N.C.

email: kcjenkins.2019@mymail.jcsu.edu

Kayla Jenkins.png

Kayla Jenkins is a sophomore from Richmond, Virginia. She is a Biology major with interests in diabetes research and diabetes prevention, potentially leaning towards a medical degree or a Ph.D. in endocrinology. Here at JCSU, her intent is to expand her knowledge in the natural sciences and also diversify engagement in other STEM subjects, including chemistry and sustainability.


Kayla is JCSU’s first declared Sustainability minor and she has already exemplified student leadership in SUS 230 Principles of Sustainability while interacting with an interdisciplinary group of students. Sustainability plays a significant role in her studies, given the crucial impact our ecological environment has on human health. Kayla recognizes that being educated on broad topics of sustainability is necessary for learning not only how our bodies are affected by the condition of our immediate environment, but how we can best sustain our food, energy and water. Kayla believes that "in some ways many people are not aware of just how much sustainability affects our water, food, housing and air quality. My hope is to develop a deeper understanding on how social issues and environmentalism connect and encourage other minorities to engage in sustainability".   

Kayla was a participant in Dr. Mark Dugo's 2020 virtual summer program, “Sustainability within the Ecosystem Services Framework and an Introduction to Citizen Science Engagement". At CRES, she is continuing with year-round research aimed at exploring xenobiotic stressors that may have negative metabolic impacts on humans. This past summer, Kayla participated in a 10-week long Summer Diabetes Research Internship at the University of Virginia. CRES congratulates Kayla for continuing to broaden her horizons during her academic matriculation!